The wrong aiff file

It's a good night. I'm spending the evening in front of the fire with my wife, the cat and (much less romantic) Amadeus sound editing software on the Powerbook. I have just spent the past half hour editing a reading of a poem into slices so that it can be of use in a new track. Dropping it into Garageband to compare it to the rest of the tune I realise I've been editing the wrong file. I went through a brief period of working out how to use the wrong file in the music but have done the right thing and thrown it away. I'll start again (with the proper file) tomorrow. Sigh.

Last night J and I got a night out with friends in an Oxford restaurant. Apart from the good food and company the night also delivered the possibility of more Bridge Street gigs. This is an exciting prospect, especially as I can possibly, maybe get to wig out on the Stick... at volume. We'll see. It's a Soul Beaver gig tomorrow night. Jazz bass, guest vocalist, should be lots of fun.


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