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The house is slowly taking shape. Areas are appearing where it is possible (neighbours permitting) to be calm. This is a snap of the front room and some of J's sterling decorating work. The front room often has a fire blazing away in it, which is a great improvement on the television for inspiring visuals. The painting (an inspiring visual) is a Picasso copy by my mum.

The day job was nicely odd today. All the signs suggested we shouldn't be there. Few students, a boiler blew up, the food hall (more of a food corridor) was shut. I stayed for my allotted hours and then went to get Christmas shopping done and to have some paintings framed. We've had these pictures since we visited Assisi, another place where I felt calm (and a long way away from noisy neighbours). J and I promised we would frame them when we had a place of our own and now they are getting the professional treatment in a Wantage framers.

Beavering tomorrow. Lots to say about this but propriety suggests I hold back until after the gig. All will become clear.

On Wednesday night I can stay in, rather than go out an teach. I love my Wednesday night class, but this week I'm going to devote the evening to playing the Stick.


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