Swelling and healing

The Crimsonesque playlist on my battered old iPod has been swelling lately with downloads from the DGM site and recommendations from Mr Smith. On the way to last night's Soul Beaver rehearsal I drove through ring roads and country lanes listening to David Sylvian and Robert Fripp's 'The First Day'. Not as exciting as the live version (Damage) but still a great listen. On the way home, tired and keen to be with my wife, I chose KTU's '8 Armed Monkey' which is a quite staggering CD full of wonderful, and very musical, layers of noise. And frankly, how many albums have you heard with acoustic and electronic drums, Warr guitar, accordions and vocals?

Squeezed in between these delicacies was the rehearsal itself. Because of the surprise nature of the event we are playing at (and because you never know who is reading your blog) I can't go into too much detail just yet. However, we had a temporary new member in the band last night who, intentionally or not, brought a cohesion to the rehearsal that is not always there. As a mighty fine guitar player once said to me, the Beaver is the least gang-like band he's ever seen. It is more of a co-op than a group. That said, I had arrived in a stinky mood (trouble with the bank and a general lack of energy) and was well and truly fixed, cured and put back on track by playing with my excellent band/co-op mates. Music heals.


cols said…
coming soon...Soul Beaver Green Shield Stamps!

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