Au port

AS I write some organic, slug eating creatures are chowing down on the slimy invaders of the extensive gardens at Cruttenden Towers. Get on with it boys!

I'm still at work, although having completed coursework and exam preparation there isn't a great deal to do. Next week however, I shall be putting all this behind me and heading to the Great Wen to see 'Zappa Plays Zappa.' According to pals in Germany this is going to be a great show, with top quality guests and finally a chance to hear FZ's tunes played by a really good band, live.

Also upcoming will be more songwriting/bashing into shape with Mr Brough and (hopefully) enough time to record more music of my own.

This week (should you be interested) I've mostly been listening to Camille, a highly inventive French singer. I haven't got a clue what she's singing about (well, a bit of a clue) but her vocal delivery, instrumental ideas and arrangements are freshening up the air molecules all around. Matisyahu and Tool are getting a look (um ,listen?) in too.


fjl said…
How organised, to have the upper hand on one's slugs.

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