Busy, busy, busy....

It's been a busy week, and I've got a busy month coming up. In brief, all hell breaks loose at the day job (exam preperation, coursework to mark in abundance, etc.) and lots of gigs with Soul Beaver. Kind of people to ask about Bridge Street. I'm hoping a rare gig could be fitted in next month when we've had time to remember all the words and chords. Rachel, who posted earlier, might like to know that 'Little Fluffy Bunny and the Bucket of Liquid Nitrogen' is almost finished. What's that? A year? Don't get your hopes up though.

I'm hoping a solo CD will be complete by the end of summer. Listeners to Zak's Stickworld Podcast will have heard early mixes of two tracks. There are others in the can and more written out and waiting to be played. This solo collection seems to be different to my previous efforts in that I've listened back to the tunes and still like them. My plan (borrowed from Arthur Durkee) is to make some tracks avaialable for free and then have it for sale on CD Baby and iTunes. If you're wondering, it's the usual funky-ambient-heavy-bepop stuff and features the Stick Bass heavily. Oh, and there'll be some singing too.


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