Unloved art

Catching up with the internet world tonight. J has been remodeling the extensive front garden (actually about the size of a small car) and the plants bought for the back garden have finally taken hold. We here at il casa de popolare are happy when it rains.

A good gig recently. Soul Beaver played in a big top and had the benefit of a professional sound crew. They perfected the monitor mix in the soundcheck and we were all terribly pleased. After an awards show and comedian had done their thing we came back on stage to find the perfect mix had been replaced by a random one. No bass in the drum monitors. No vocals in mine. Yikes.

Still, a good night musically and enough money made to buy a fab painting I saw today in Wantage. The artist had taken up the brush when she was 70 and paints, mostly, landscapes from her imagination. The one I fell for inspired someone in the gallery to question my taste in paintings. This I take as a compliment. It also makes me aware that, after a few more years of buying art I'll probably be able to have my own exhibition of hated artworks - this partly brought on by my treasured (and signed) Yoko Ono 'bottom' print and the incident when I telephoned a sculptor to ask after a piece of hers I had seen called 'between a rock and a hard place.' Her reaction was amazement that I wanted it at all. Apparently she had been exhibiting it for years alongside her other works and, after everything else was sold, this piece remained, unloved and unpurchased. Well, if I ever needed a sign that something was right for me...

More Beavering coming up next weekend. I'll try and take some photos.


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