Plantation 1

New plants.JPG
Originally uploaded by Roostar.
Recently purchased plants for the huge back garden area.


fjl said…
I know, daunting isn't it. I'm in the process of buying a new lawnmower, mine blew up in my face. Whenever I plan peaceful garden renovations, something happens accordingly.
Will said…
You see, it's a sign that you should be leaving that sort of work to someone else. Or just let nature take its course. Or (my current favourite) napalm everything.
fjl said…
Lying in the garden in summer is just about the only place and time I get some peace.
I was particularly annoyed when it blew up in my face.
(it= lawnmower for those following the conversation pugnatiously.) I'd went to get some tea as it had started smoking, reasoning that it would have died down by the time I sauntered back onto the grass, as these machines do.
As I moved it to one side, tea in hand, it blew up in my face. I had to go back in and wash.
fjl said…
I should have spelled it pugnaciously.
...That blew up in my face aswell x :-)
Will said…
Spelling isn't the problem here. It's all about punctuation. ;-)

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