Friday night, Saturday... night.

Two gigs this weekend. Friday night's was fun but hard work. We played one long set and my aching forearm reminded me why practising isn't just about learning notes. The real highlight wasn't the music but the discovery that Gary, our sax player, had been listening to Steptoe and Son on his iPod.

Saturday night was something else though. It broke two of the basic rules of (Soul Beaver) gigs. Firstly, no one dances in the first set. This time everyone was up and dancing from the first song. Blimey! The second gig rule is that more people dance to the DJ than the band. Again, we were happily surprised to see most people sit down in the DJ's set. All of this, along with the warmth of the crowd, made for a very enjoyable way to spend an evening.

During the sitting around period on Saturday we went to the Bat and Ball pub (in Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire - I highly recommend it). I asked for a black coffee and, much to my surprise, got a coffee with no milk and... shortbread! A true delight.

Back to a very busy week at the day job and then things should ease up enough for me to do some more recording. News as it happens.


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