Feeling very rough today. A bout of D&V has got me and alongside all the hurried trips to the bathroom I'm also unable to tolorate food. In the last two days I've had some dried toast and a lot of water.

But enough of that. I'm writing this at nearly seven in the morning. J has gone to work, Freya hasn't woken up (but it can't be long) and the rain is pouring down outside; which perversely makes me feel better. As soon as my appetite kicks in again I know things will be good.

What's odd about an illness like this is howthe most random thing has made me feel bad. Any reference to food, certain words or noises and particular forms of repetition. Why is this? Why do we get so sensitive to things that otherwise don't effect us?

In a completely different thread - happy birthday to my mother-in-law and congratulations to my newly qualified sister-in-law.


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