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Feeling better. The dreaded D has left and I was finally able to celebrate my birthday, a little tentatively, with some pals. One rather wonderful gift was the new Oliver Sacks book, Musicophilia. I had tried reading this in Borders some weeks back but the young Freya was not in the mood to let daddy get past the second sentence. Music and the mind is one thing but good old practising and playing is the next thing on my mind. Watch this space.


belewhale said…
Doh! Happy Birthday Will!
I can't believe I forgot to mention that before.... Probably the brain was still fixated on the dreaded D's symptoms....ewwwww again!
Anyways, glad that you finally got to celebrate your B day.... And I'm off to check out your pressie....
I'll continue to watch this space with great expectation :)
Big Birthday Hug....
from Wendy

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