This has been a good week in many ways. I've engineered a potentially interesting dilemma with the day-job and hope to have some news of this soon.

I've overcome a rather pointless hang-up and even managed to cook a few decent dinners. On top of all this there's been a strange side effect from my recent illness. After a week of eating nothing but toast and crackers my appetite came back. However, it seems to have come back with a vengeance. I seem to have one of those metabolisms that burns off food nearly as quick as I eat it, so maybe I'm eating so much to put on the weight I lost during the illness. Whatever the reason, there's no such thing as a safe bit of food in the house. And I'm still hungry.

This morning I had espresso and croissants (one of my favourite breakfasts next to pancakes and filter coffee) then waved goodbye to J as she went to work. Fifteen minutes later she was back as the village was cut off by the floods.

Still hungry.


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