Still ill

It's day four in the rather smelly house. I've not eaten anything but dried toast for far too long and the dramatic trips to the toilet haven't ceased. Sorry everyone.

In the moments I can bear to watch telly there always seems to be food on. Food everywhere. Is there a channel which doesn't have a string of celebrity cook or food related programming? I suspect if I tuned into the Sc-Fi channel it would show the episode of Star Trek where Captain Kirk temporarily swaps bodies with a sentient blamonge.

The other thing I've noticed is that, with no appetite, I've got a much clearer understanding of how much eating I do out of habit. A biscuit here, a cake there, several packets of crisps... well, you get the idea. I'm now dropping weight a little too quickly for my likeing and as soon as I can eat again I'll be having regular (but very big) meals.

If none of this makes sense just put it down to my irritability at being ill. Bah!


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