Buzzing with the upright

Last night I played music with friends. This is something I love to do and don't do enough. The line-up was drums, electric guitar and me on electric upright bass (like a double bass with most of its body missing).

We took a theme from a previous get together and turned it into a full piece. Then we jammed for the rest of the night, producing a sort of rock/jazz/sometimes samba hybrid that sounded at times like six people were playing. It was huge fun.

Playing upright instead of my usual elctric bass was special too. You stand and play differently. I was trying to sum up the feeling and could only say it was more physical. Future sessions will have to use a mix of both basses as I'm not relinquishing that feeling, but I have to admit the regular electric bass is better for more complex, better intonated work.

There has been a fair bit of stress in my life recently (still is) but sessions like this put me in another place where the energy flows and good things happen. It's nearly 24 hours since last night's session and I am still buzzing.


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