Everybody Street

Regular readers will know that one of my great loves is photography. I know that these days everyone is a photographer,  or at least everyone has the facility to take a lot of pictures and share them.

I was given my first camera at an early age and became quietly obsessed with taking pictures of everything. Looking back at some of the surviving early pictures I can see how I was trying out framing ideas and playing with contrasts between colours and textures. I knew what I was doing back then but didn't have the language, or the awareness of others' work to put it into context.

In recent years I've turned autodidact and have been reading about and enjoying looking at the work of the photographers who speak to me. I've also tried to work out why I don't like certain people's work. That can often be more revealing.

I've had a growing love of street photography too. It's something I'd love to do but can't, because I'm too shy. People like Joel Meyerowitz and Brandon Stanton have captured what some might think of as the mundane and ordinary people on the streets of New York City, but they remind us that no one is unimportant and 'ordinary' is a highly relative term.

So I was thrilled this week to discover a documentary called "Everybody Street" which can be bought or rented through Vimeo. It features a host of great NYC based street photographers and I found it completely inspiring.


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