November catch-up

This month has been something of a blur. The Eclipse Trio album is out although it needs some promotion (hopefully gigs) to bring it to a wider audience. My other band missed a session thanks to me picking up a nasty bug from one of my children, but we hope to return to the final stages of putting our set together soon. One of my top-most favourite bands, Ronin, isplaying their only UK gig in London later this month. Unfortunately, it’s on the same evening as the wedding of a good pal so I won’t be there. Maybe next year.

There is plenty of good music coming my way though. Juana Molina has a new album and thanks to Trey Gunn I found this fabulous album/DVD by Snarky Puppy and friends. My iPod has a playlist of music I should have spent more time with this year and it’s slowly being caught up with.

The last musical adventure of note (to me at least) is my plan to rescue and renovate my Squier Jazz bass. Squire are often seen as Fender’s cheap cousin, which they are, but this bass dates from 1983 when the Squire instruments were made properly in Japan. Something is telling me to fix it up and experiment although no instrument will fully tempt me away from the wonderful Ibanez Gary Willis bass.

In the non-musical world, I am in the middle of writing a novel for NaNoWriMo. At the time of writing chapter thirteen should be finished. Almost certainly this will be another ‘practise’ novel, getting me ready for the day when I write the one I’m really pleased with. As well as all this I have been creating a set of sound effects cues for a friend’s play, dealing with the horrors of our house situation, writing a lot of letters and, you know, being a dad and going to the dayjob.

The one thing I’m falling down on is catching up with friends. Now, there’s a resolution to be made.

Here's a track from Snarky Puppy with Lalah Hathaway. Stay to the end and be treated to some wonderful and spooky chord singing.


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