Marley's ghost

Happy birthday (a day late) Bob Marley. The band had a nerve wracking, full on, no stops rehearsal last night and toasted Bob's memory in the pub afterwards.
Usually, when we play a set there are gaps between songs while I chat inanely to the audience, quietly tune the bass, drink water, desperately try to remember the first line to the next song... that sort of thing.
For our up coming Marillion gig we want to perform the songs back to back with as few gaps as possible. Last night we tried this out and ... well, it really was nerve wracking! With no moments to gather your thoughts, the end of each song involved me squinting at the set list on the floor, identifying the next song, instantly forgetting what it was, repeating the procedure and then trying to play this song's coda while thinking about that song's intro.
We should have done this years ago.

Anyway, Bob would have been proud.


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