More gig news

Another good gig last night. We played in a cavernous hall with not too many people, but some of them danced all night and we played well despite a slightly shaky opening. I forgot some words to our first song (although, to be fair I had only sung it about 100 times before) and we had a new trumpet player on board who had not even been at the sound-check, let alone a rehearsal.
Stuart, the new trumpet guy was impressive. He soloed in a song that has never had a trumpet solo in it before and he played solidly for the rest of the night.
Although I'm still fighting the traces of a throat infection I managed to sing without pain and could still speak recognisable words by the end of the night.
Today I blew out the cobwebs with another in a series of long country walks.


Nick said…
Cheers for the tip on the Strat hardware, mate. I'm glad you've pointed me in the right direction. Also, I wanted to give you and the rest of Soul Beaver a rave review. I finally had the opportunity to check the site out and listen to the audio clips. Good stuff!

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