Supersize sideways

This weekend J and I decided to have to ourselves. I worked hard to get all my marking and planning out of the way and we tried very hard to make the most of our time.

On Saturday we cleaned up the house (oh yes, we know how to have fun) and rented 'Super-size me' after having an 'ironic' MacDonalds. I may never eat fast food again after watching this film. Through most of the rest of the weekend, whenever we were close to the telly, we watched it again but with the directors commentary on.

On Sunday we walked for six miles around the nearby town of Wantage, enjoying the sun dappled paths by reclaimed canals and the unseasonably good weather. It was such a nice day we returned to our starting point shocked at how the time had flown by.

Sunday night we went to the Phoenix cinema in Oxford to see 'Sideways'. I had wanted to see this film since a posting on TBL (The Bottom Line - a wonderful bass players online resource) had raised a question about the poster artwork and Steve Page from Barenaked Ladies had raved about it. Since these two signs I had studiously avoided any reviews in the hope of not ruining the film. Tonight we saw the film and enjoyed every frame. If you haven't seen it yet get out there and watch! Passion, depression and wine. Why has nobody used these as themes before? How good is the novel on which this film was based? How revealing will the directors commentary be when this finally gets to DVD? I'll let you know.

In other news - my chess self improvement course is now back to playing my friend David while J and I should soon be playing Go on our all new magnetic fridge Go board. More relevant music news soon.

Current listening: Get some sleep tiger - Red Snapper


Don Q. said…
I really enjoy "Go" but sadly can't find an opponent. Just as well. I'm really bad at it.

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