Thursday morning

Another odd couple of days. Yesterday lunchtime I was in the kitchens at Windsor Castle with my parents and Jenna. We were being shown around by two castle officials called Roy and Geoff, who were trying out a new tour. The part of me that loves to explore wanted to run off and look behind every door in the building, although that could have taken a lifetime. An example of the castle's size and complexity is that some of the rooms and corridors we walked through were only (re)discovered when the clearing up began after the fire in the 1990s.

Today I am on a diet of Pat Metheny and Phillip Glass while I try to improve my music theory knowledge, get some marking done, try to find out how to afford a house and (because I always work better when I've got four things to do) take some time to think about the practicalities of taking a doctorate. I had a short but inspiring chat with my mother-in-law last night and she reminded me of some of the dreams I had that were in danger of never being realised.

And while talking of music, let me recommend the wonderful Resonance FM. I tuned in at random and found Lance Martin's show 'Better on Headphones.' The only frustration is that I can't hear such good radio in the car [hmmm - visions of rigging the PowerBook up to my car radio... no, better not].

Time to refuel. Espresso and carrot cake. Let's go!

Current listening: The Power to Believe III - King Crimson


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