Village hall shows

Before the gig
Originally uploaded by Roostar.
A gig for not too many people in a village hall may not sound that great but it was the highlight of a string of recent shows. The small but lively audience danced from the first song and were highly appreciative. The photograph here is not of the audience by the way but Colin (guitars), Emma (vocals) and Richard (drums) discussing the intricacies of stage lighting (or where to get chips) while Dave (trombone, cowbell and cable problem solver) sorts out the cables onstage.
We are now on full rehearsal drive for the Marillion weekend.
I had started the day feeling terrible - headache, blocked nose, lack of sleep. But, as always, the prospect of a gig got me in a fit state for the evening. I should add that it didn't hurt that I got to spend the morning with Jenna and didn't have to rush around too much. She makes a mean bowl of porridge too.


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