Deep (sore) throat

So is George Bush senior really Deep Throat? Somehow the idea of 'deep throat' and a man who sounds like a racoon doesn't work. Odd that the same week these rumours appear, we also got news that the original Deep Throat movie (nothing to do with politics apparently) is being re-released in US cinemas. Hmmm.

My throat is not good, deep or much else other than painfull. It's been hurting for a few days but it was so bad todat I went to the doctor. She put me on antibiotics after telling me it was probably an infection. By the time I got to teach in the evening I could barely manage more than a whisper. This is not good for somelike like me who teaches, sings and, quite frankly, loves talk a lot.

A special thanks to David, a knowledgable and interesting man who told me tonight that the reason hospital toilets are flooded with blue light (see the 'Friday Night' article below) is because it stops people shooting up as they can't see their veins.

There is a Soul Beaver gig this Saturday. Visit the site for details. maybe I'll have time between the soundcheck and show for a quick game of Go.


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