Friday night is music night

A good evening. Last night's Soul Beaver gig was a last minute call, which is something I always enjoy. I was at the venue for four, set up and with three hours spare by six. After coffee in Oxford and the rare chance to bump into two friends (one of whom I hadn't seen in two years) I walked back to the venue and enjoyed the evening's entertainment.
And what entertainment! The first band was Twizz Twangle - essentially a man called Dan who has been known to wear nothing but a gimp mask and a pair of underpants on stage. He could well be the John Otway for a new generation. Tonight he dressed more conventionally (although he did have a mask with a built in microphone for the first one and a half songs). The set opened with a solo version of the Home & Away theme (that's an Australian soap for those of you who don't live in the home of the Australian soap... the UK). He progressed through the night with his bass player and drummer, even dedicating a short a cappella piece to the bass man (a balding, skinny guy - so he got my vote). All through the set there were surprises. Maybe not the most disciplined of, Twizz had us all cheering loudly for his energy and sheer worthiness. I don't remember being so entertained by a local group for years.
The second act was Chantelle Pike. A beautiful voice and some nice songs. She played acoustic guitar and was aided on the last few songs by a cellist (I love the cello) and a keyboard player.
Then it was time for the Beaver. We played a cut down set (about half our usual) and did ourselves proud. By the incredibly early time of 10:15 it was over. Our last gig didn't start until midnight!

Next gig - the Rose & Crown, Charlton on April 1st with Bridge Street. Details are below.


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