Job and Job

The musical part of my life has been busy recently. I've been rehearsing with both bands, writing out set lists, trying to remember the keys and words to songs I haven't played for a while, writing and re-writing lyrics to an original song to improve my chances of getting the words right in performance, working out the complexities to come of my new Chapman Stick bass (due in the next month or two) and generally spending lots of time with my bass. I love it or I wouldn't do it.

Tonight however, I am doing my other job. I'm writing report for my tutees at the college where I do my 'day job'. This is a day job which stretches into the evening two days a week for actual teaching and many other nights for marking and report writing. When I was at school some teachers would write reports which were greater works of fictions than I could ever hope to create. I particularly remember my sports report for the last year I was at school. I got a grade for basketball and some comments about making more effort. This was the year that I spent every sports lesson in the library and to this day I don't think I've ever even held a basketball. Love of sports came later.
Report writing for me then is slightly loaded. The easy way to do it would be to write some stock phrases and cut and paste these as I progress through the pile of paperwork on my desk. I'm not doing that precisely because of my school experiences. It's also because of these experiences that I make an effort to show students that taking an English GCSE isn't just about passing exams. Sadly, lack of time doesn't always allow me to get as passionate as I would like.
Teaching is a full on business, with too much paperwork (just like every other job in the world these days) and a lot of stress. However, the rewards are in meeting interesting people of vastly different ages and backgrounds and also getting the chance to see these same, wonderful people find new things to enjoy. A hard and not terribly well paid job. I love it or I wouldn't do it.

Oh, and the badly taken picture of a church below is there because it features a cross decorated with daffodils. As instigated by my mother-in-law.


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