Marillion and the Beaver

Just returned from an exciting gig with Soul Beaver. We supported Marillion at their fan club show in Minehead. We expected Steve Rothery to join us on stage for one number and he did so in a cool and professional way; walking slowly onto the stage playing the song's riff to a roar from the crowd (about 3,000 of them). The crowd, a dedicated bunch, were more than generous with the idea of being entertained by a soul band (not exactly an obvious Marillion influence). Perhaps they would have been happy to know I'd been listening to King Crimson's 'The Power to Believe' all week.
I suspect though that the audience were also willing to stick with us because of the surprise guest element to the show. No sooner had Steve Rothery whipped up a storm than onto stage bounded Marillion's lead singer H (Steve Hogarth) who sang Gimme some lovin' to everyone's delight.
Backstage we enjoyed a dressing room with jelly babies (sorted by colour), beer, mineral water and... coffee. The coffee came with a warning that it could ruin our rock 'n' roll image though.
I brought my camera along but had little time to take pictures. I would love to do a Tony Levin and have the camera set up on stage but for this show there are just a few backstage shots (they should be above or below this post).
If I get hold of any fan pictures I'll put them up here. There'll also be a few more stories once I've revcovered.


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