It was my birthday on Saturday. I had a meal with friends on the Friday night and surprised myself by getting up on Saturday for a breakfast out. This felt like a civilised way of doing things and we followed it with a walk in the (very cold) country. With friends down for the weekend we all elected to stay in for the night and worked our way through some bucks fizz (won at a gig) some great red wine (wedding present) and champagne (present to help celebrate my mum's birthday). To top this off we grooved to the Live Aid DVD (producing some spectacularly hostile reactions from my friend Alison) and an old version of Trivial Pursuit. No questions related to anything after the mid eighties. All good fun.

On Sunday, Jenna and I had another country walk with another couple. In the evening I put in a four hour rehearsal with the band after some marking of essays.

This morning I felt extremely unreal; as if I had woken up in one of those Star Trek altrernative universes.

There should be some lively posts and photographs soon as the band has a big gig coming up with Marillion. Also, the countdown begins to Bridge Street writing and recording some new songs and (if all that weren't enough) me getting my hands on a Chapman Stick bass - the very first instrument I'll have owned that was made for me.


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