Lost and dead

Yesterday morning I was driving to work. It's the same route I take every day. Somewhere (I'm guessing about half way) I took a wrong turn without even noticing. At some point in the journey I spotted that the scenery looked odd; it wasn't the usual set of trees and buildings and... hey? What's that bright yellow gate? I've never seen that before.

So, I'm in the middle of the country and lost. I turn the car around and retrace my steps but somehow take another wrong turn and get even more lost.

I get the map out. I'm drifting away from home and work but I remember a place name and turn the car around one more time. However, now it's snowing. Heavily. My car is across the road, mid way through a three-point-turn when it stalls. I turn to my right and out of the snow I spy a speeding lorry coming towards me. Great, I think, lost and dead.
But no, I get away just in time and gradually recognise more and more of the scenery until I'm back on track and back to work.

All this has taught me a lesson. Life is a tenuous thing. So is my grasp on navigation. And further more I'm giving up nothing for Lent. Life is too short and I need my coffee!


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