Gig news - the details + New Beaver Gig!

Thanks to Moose for pointing out my lack of detail on the gig news. Bridge Street will be playing on the 1st April (no, really) from 8:45pm onwards. For those of you who missed the earlier post we'll be at the Rose & Crown pub in Main Street, Charlton (near Banbury, Oxon).

Last night's rehearsal was not too bad considering we haven't played together since last year. A bit more tightening up before the gig will need to take place though. It did feel wonderful playing with the freedom a three piece band allows though.

On the Soul Beaver front I can report the recording of the show is very good, although still isn't quite ready for public consumption yet. Just a little bit more editing and tweaking of EQs. Also, the Beaver will be playing at The Zodiac in Oxford this Friday (25th March). Come along is you can. I should add this is a last minute arrangement (we're filling in for someone else) so if you are only coming to see us, call the Zodiac first to check.


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