Eurovision, marking and pure evil

I stayed up to watch the whole Eurovision song contest extravaganza last night. Great Britain came third from bottom with a good singer and generic song. There were a lot of generic songs last night. Every other one featured drums on stage and every single performance featuring a 'band' showed the 'band' members overplaying and mugging at the screen. A horrible car crash of a show - but still fascinating in its own way.

Malta featured a real singer, singing a generic power ballad. They got my vote just because the song had the least painful lyrics.

I completed the work I wanted done this weekend. Well, as much as I could do at home. As a reward J and I are off to see the new Star Wars film tonight. We're doing this in much the same spirit as I watched the ESC last night. We know it will have terrible dialogue and some hammy acting, but it's part of the culture. I know I can balance this with bass practise and some good lit. I've just begun Cloud Atlas.


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