This has been a frustrating couple of days.

I updated my OS to Tiger (Mac 10.4) and enjoyed the benefits up to the moment when it became apparent that Tiger did not recognise my USB modem anymore. Then I noticed the Firewire external hard drive wasn't registering and neither was the printer.

I bought a new modem which, only now seems to be working in a stable manner. The drivers for the printer and hard drive do not yet exist so I have no way of printing and a 250GB drive full of goodies I can't reach.

My reaction to all this, besides a lot of muffled swearing and threats, was to pick up my bass and play solidly for an hour and a half. Bass good - bass not let me down.

The other piece of good news is that Stick Enterprises have been in touch to tell me my Stick is in production. Due date for arrival - August.

More soon, assuming I can get back on line again.


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