Late night

I'm having a rare late night up. It's not that late really but I tend not to hang around until the early hours like I used to.

Listening to the Projekcts Box Set (King Crimson personel in different combinations). It's all instrumental, mostly improvised, challenging and rather wonderful.

OS 10.4 is fun too. I'm experimenting with the Dashboard feature. This effectively allows me to lay a fresh set of apps over my desktop. I've set it up with Dash Blog (the app I'm writing this on), some stickies (like post it notes) for a place to jot ideas down, a photo stream from Flickr, Calendar, iTunes controller, weather forcast and (to complete the mad guy up late feel) four clocks set to the times in LA, NYC, London and Tokyo. This relates back to a story a friend and I tried to write many years ago. Except that character had seven clocks. Hmmm. Tried it but it looked too crowded.

Had some good musical ideas tonight too. I've been playing my fretted bass in Soul Beaver for a few gigs. Having got back into playing that I've 'rediscovered' the five string fretless. I feel in a position to bounce between the two now, which is good because I'm having a lot of musical ideas filtering through my head. I never seem to be without a tune and try to play everything that hangs around on the bass. In three months or so the Stick Bass will be here - goodnessonly knows what I'll be able to play then. I'm truly excited by this; to the extent of having dreams of basslines. Yes, you're right. It's time for bed.


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