Wedding gigs - the short one

In amongst all the madness at work I had to find the time to post quickly on last night's gig. Soul Beaver were booked for a wedding. It was running late (almost all weddings do) so we sat around in this lovely barn area playing ping-pong, jenga and coits (is that how you spell it). Much later we set up and then... wait for longer as the crowd are entertained by an Indian drummer. It was a Hindu wedding by the way. Amazing food and, once the drummer got going, very enthusiastic dancing. We finally got to play and the dancers happily transferred their allegiance to us.
After a truncated first set we took a break for Indian food, chips and drinks.
By the time we got back to the stage the guests had gone and the groom requested just one song. We obliged, having three or four people dancing along. After all this it was a quick drive home; I even managed to catch Jenna awake.

No more gigs for a month or so but expect some other stories of musical adventures.


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