Hail and farewell (for a few days)

I've had two odd experiences with the weather recently. Yesterday, while driving out for provisions I felt a moment in time shift from the old phase to the new phase. The light was draining away, it was raining and there was a certain stillness in the air which made me feel as if the whole world had just clicked into something new. I'd been waiting for this for weeks. All I need to do now is work out what the 'new phase' is.

Today was something more basic but no less dramatic. I was finishing up at the day job when I heard the patter of rain on the roof of the library (where I was practicing my iambic pentameters). I then heard thunder and decided that was the time to make a run for the car. Before getting to it the hail came down, hard. There was a river of still frozen hail the size of marbles, rushing down the road. To me, the only thing better than heavy rain or hail would be if I was appreciating it with a good cup of coffee and something tasty to eat. Not being in the right place for such treats I dived for the car and enjoyed listening to some Keith Jarrett before the hail subsided.

With that written I'm off for a week or so. Everyone I know who shares a surname with me is getting into my car tomorrow morning and heading to Kent for a break, and a chance to (re)visit special places. It's going to be a mixture of pilgrimage, rest, catching up and change. Some of this will occur in pubs, very little will occur (I suspect) near internet hotspots. Keep posted just in case.


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