The promised list

As promised.

Sid Smith over at Crimson Towers sent me some music to listen to by guitarist and composer Jakko Jakszyk. They were only rough mixes but it was obvious from the first bars that this was very good stuff indeed. Jakko has had an eventful musical career and I urge you both to visit his website and to by the album (The Bruised Romantic Glee Club) when it comes out. I'll certainly be advertising it here.

A friend in Germany sent me an album by the Christoph Busse Trio. This is what I listened to on my birthday morning. Post evening out, pre hill walk. It's a well drilled jazz trio interpreting songs by Sting and Donald Fagen, two of my favourite songwriters. Beautifully played and without recourse to stuffing 'jazz chords' underneath a carbon copy melody line (I've heard this done and it's vile). Both Jakko and Christoph's CDs now live in my new iPod, which is giving me the chance to bop around the house to (effectively) my entire record collection. If only I could get my Fripp/Summers records onto CD.

The joys of cataloguing come from this new piece of hardware. I've been spending some time going through the music on the iPod and in the dark corners of the house, trying to build the perfect collection. I quite enjoy creating temporary smart playlists too. Any ideas?

One other gift I got for my birthday was a pair of iPod Pants. There are in a fetching blue and have a pocket for the device. I've worn them once around the house. J is still recovering.

Finally, I've played some pretty reasonable Stick music recently and hope to get more of it down soon. Hopefully, there will be some other exciting music news soon.


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