The wobbly leg

Here I am again, working late into the evening on the day job. Tonight the home office is the Powerbook, the iPod, mucho coffee and some cakes J bought me at Ikea. I'm currently listening to '2nd Early Monolith' by Keith Fullerton Whitman on the CD which came with this month's Wire magazine. Good stuff.

Now, a cautionary tale. There is a home furnishing company which I shall refrain from naming, let's call it Flora Ashley. J and I ordered a kitchen table from this company many months ago. Three weeks back it arrived. I put it together and discovered one of the nuts that holds a leg on had no thread. I called their customer support line and and was told this would be sorted out. I naively thought the customer support person would email or call someone and have them ship out the appropriate nut. I called on a Friday, they send it out on a Monday and I get it Tuesday or Wednesday. The company pays a few pennies for nut and postage, I'm impressed, no one has to suffer.

But of course this isn't what happens. I wait, and wait. I called Laura... sorry, Flora Ashley a week later and get told my request is being dealt with. It is now three weeks on, every guest to the house comments on the table with the wobbly leg and I tell them the story of this company's incompetence. All this after us having to virtually beg them to fix a delivery date and time (within half a day).

John Lewis can sort these things out without any trouble so why can't these people?

Ho hum. The music has now changed to 'Consume' by Plasticman. Time to sleep. The weekend promises a wardrobe (finally) arriving and some time to practise being a bass/stick player.


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