Tuesday is music night

I must have been tired when I last blogged. I forgot to put the link to Jakko's site, so here it is. We've been promised a podcast in which Sid Smith and Jakko converse about the songs and the stories behind them. 'When we go home' came up on my (sparkly new) iPod today and stopped me in my tracks. Again.

I'm excited to hear about the Fripp/Belew ProjeKct Six music being created. Equally exciting news is that master-guitarist Brough has returned from a skiing break without any breaks of the bones. This means our musical project ('Bridge Street+' Oh yes, we need a better name than that)) can get moving. It has resisted getting going for a while but I feel the time is now right.

After several recommendations I've been listening to Jimmy Chamberlain's CD (very good, if a bit patchy) and the new Donald Fagen recording (slick and fun if not groundbreaking). I've also got a copy of Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder's 'Talking Timbuktu' after hearing about the former's death last week.

And for those of you needing that perfect bluegrass ringtone, subscribe to Wichita Rutherford's podcast and you'll get one gratis.

Time for some practise.


fjl said…
Good luck with it all, I feel a serious musical future brewing here...!
Will said…
Thanks. I've been serious about music for a long time but in the last few years I've finally allowed myself to start writing the music I want to hear - rather than produce copies of what other people do better. Of course, I still get to play other people's music in the mighty Soul Beaver and Bridge Street, so I don't get rusty. Being creative, doing the day job and trying to be a good husband takes a lot of energy.

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