I went for a walk up the road to fetch the veg box. Usually nothing weird happens. Tonight I was accosted by a nice man who engaged me in conversation.

Him: Hello. Have I met you before?

Me: No, I don't think so.

Him: I didn't think I'd met you before.

Me: I moved here about six months ago. Hi, (puts out right hand) I'm Will.

Him: (Puts out left hand, making shaking hands tricky) Are you busy right now?

Me: (wilting under the weight of the veg box and high temperature) I am a bit, yes.

Him: Oh, Would you do something for me, 'cause you can't be that busy.

Me: What?

Him: Would you punch me?

Me: (After thinking "I'm on telly") No.

Him: Why not?

Me: (tactful silence)

Him: Won't you do what I've asked you to do?

Me: No. (I walk away).

Him: I've just asked you to punch me. Won't you punch me?

Me: No. (Keeps walking, doesn't look back).

I've linked this to MIND's website and wished I knew more about these sort of issues. I'm worried someone might grant his wish.


moose said…
You may have just met the village idiot, however, you need to be careful. I have delt with many people who are ill and have violent tendencies towards others and themselves, this could be a one off, or your neighbours are getting nasty.
I suggest if you see this person approaching other people you should contact the police as he would be better off been cared for rather than been punched by stangers.

p.s Did fjl call me a wall hanging?
moose said…
That should be BEING rather than BEEN.
Maybe I am a wall hanging!
Will said…
I was surprised by the word 'Booble', especially when I Googled booble.
moose said…
Has your blog just gone adult?
Will said…
Yikes! I'll have to put up a warning. "Don't Google Booble, kids."

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