Wednesday night fun

A good rehearsal last night even though it was so humid I felt no benefit from being next to an open door onto a garden. I played with composer/pianist Mark Denton and the project's guitarist so we could check basic arrangements before a further rehearsal with full band in a few more days. It went well principally because of the positive atmosphere. It's fun to be the hired gun bass player (usually) and I'm looking forward to hearing the songs with drums, horn section and singers.

The drive home was entertaining. Someone was having a fireworks display. Or were they? Actually no. I turned the radio down and started hearing the crash of thunder. I seemed to be driving into the heart of the storm and watched the surrounding countryside flash in and out of view. When I got home J had enough presence of mind (bearing in mind she was 98% asleep) to say she had left her car's sunroof open. I went back out and remembered that one of the safest places to be in a thunder storm is in a car. Fine. But one of the least safe places to be is by a car or under a tree. I was by a car and under a tree, trying to do what I had to do quickly while the lightening illuminated the scene on a scarily regular basis. I was back in the house very quickly and literally soaking wet. All this before searching for the cat.


fjl said…
terrific :-) burst their windowpanes!

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