Over the past weekend I've been enjoying a restful stay at Chez Inlaws and some top class sports action. Wimbledon supplied two great finals, making it hard to cheer for any individual, whether Swiss, French, Belgian or Spanish. On Sunday J and I enjoyed the world cup with Chelsea playing France. It was a good weekend to be European.

This week J and I have some days together to get our house in a better shape for selling and to maybe have some fun too. In the past two days we have cleaned rooms, had a carpet fitted, sanded the staircase, primed and painted it, had the chimney swept, cleaned out the shed, made cakes and biscuits and generally got quite tired. This is really satisfying work though.

Some of the upcoming days are scheduled for 'fun.' I'll keep you posted.


fjl said…
Intriguing. Why are you selling?

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