Sunny days

According to the back garden thermometer it is 24C in the shade and 43C in direct sunlight. This is officially too hot for me (a person who turns crispy and red the moment spring has stopped springing). Luckily for me, my weekend task to to attack the staircase with a power-sander. I can imagine better ways of passing the day (burying myself in manure, etc.) but will sand away until all traces of the previous owners' bad painting and dodgy colour schemes have gone.

On Friday night J and I went to the local Volunteer Inn to watch Lisa Mills. She's a bluesy singer and guitarist in the style of Bonnie Raitt and was performing a range of originals and covers with a double bass player accompanying her. It was a stunning performance considering the small audience (not much room for a big audience to be fair). All the way from Mobile Alabama to Faringdon.

I'm writing on Sunday morning having witnessed England's defeat at football and Andy Murray's success at tennis. Both matches made watchable because they weren't walk-overs.

One more week of teaching, then DIY craziness, then I can get my teeth into some music projects. There's an album to be recorded with Richard Guitarist, more songs of my own to put on tape and a chance to play at the Jacqueline Du Pre music room in Oxford. Exciting stuff.


fjl said…
Glad to see that bald head of yours catching the sunlight :-)
Will said…
Hope you didn't get caught in the glare.

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