On Wednesday J and I drove to Cardiff to visit family and to get some things for the house. We were stuck for a while on the motorway behind the mayhem caused by a burning lorry carrying (now very charred) grand pianos.

On Friday we went to Oxford and had breakfast in the newly opened Carluccio's. I had the 'bread tin' option, causing J to wonder just how I could eat that much bread. Well, not only could I put all the bread away I also polished off a Krispy Kreme doughnut before we even got back to the centre of town. Luckily we walked a lot and had a chance to stroll around the university parks. As the sun was out the parks were alive with picnickers, children playing games, impromptu football games and sunbathers. J and I rounded off the walk with a visit to Browns and then came home to flake out and enjoy the last few hours of our week off together.

Unfortunately the neighbour problems flared up again robbing us of a chance to have a proper night's sleep. This happened again yesterday morning and left me feeling a little zombie-like for my day of musicking (and camera research) in London with Richard Guitarist. We did manage to sit on a bench by the Thames and have a good complain though; fulfilling our stereotyped roles as potential grumpy old men.

I may have given the impression that J and I are moving house soon. This was probably a case of too much wishing. Actually we are just working on the house so that when the time (and money situation) is right we can find another home. The problem with the neighbours is a complicated one but the upshot is that I never know if I'm going to get a good night's sleep and this is slowly driving me mad. I am a person, after all, who once had a policeman knock on the front door (at the last address) to apologise for the noise a helicopter, pursuit car, policemen and dogs had made while chasing a dangerous suspect past our front garden. Much to the policeman's surprise I had to admit I'd slept through the whole thing. Anyway, more on this later.

There is likely to be an appearance of Semi-Beaver (a possibly horn section free version of Soul Beaver) in September. I've also been asked to play at the Ash Bash show again this year. I played bass in the house band of this end of year drum clinic student... um, bash and enjoyed it immensely.

Sports Relief did well last night. It certainly put my silly problems into perspective.


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