Back with the Beaver

A rare rehearsal for Soul Beaver last night. We haven't played in months but despite this there was an energy present that helped us produce a sound better than some we have achieved at gigs. Maybe we were overcompensating for the missing keyboard player, maybe temporarily returning guitarist Richard gave us some extra steam. Either way, I drove home feeling elated at playing at such a level again. I would have had a perfect night's sleep had a car alarm not gone off in the early hours. For some reason this completely freaked me out.

Freaking out of another nature can be had if you make your way to the village fete at Mildenhall (in Wiltshire, not Norfolk) this Saturday. The keyboard-free Beaver will be playing at about two o'clock.

Currently listening to Markus Reuter's amazing "The longest in terms of being." It's a stunning album in the spirit of soundscapes but with a special tonality all his own.


fjl said…
It's great when you're able to do the work you should be doing.

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