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This would have been better if had taken the picture from the front but I'm still pleased to have got this close.

If the Peter Hall production of 'Waiting for Godot' is coming to your town, go and see it. I had always suspected this play to be a "pile of exestential crap" (review from a colleague's wife) but I was pleasently surprised at just how good it was, how funny it was and how disturbing it was. Time to put my thinking hat on.


nmj said…
Hi Will, That is a nice dragonfly, but I am more excited to learn from your blog that Radio 4 is doing a Frank Zappa profile in October. Hurrah! I hope you are over your BT trauma, we've all had them . . . I love 'Waiting for Godot', though I had to leave an Edin. Fringe production in the early 80s, it was an all female cast & just didn't work, was v boring to be honest. . . NMJ
Anna MR said…
An all-female Godot?! I thought good old Sammy Beckett (well, nowadays his estate) hated, nay, detested giving performance rights of Godot to a cast including any females whatsoever...?

Sorry will, not meaning to turn your blog comments into a public chat forum. Your blog is interesting and intelligent.
Will said…
No, that's fine. So long as we all talk nice and keep our hands away from the sharp objects.
Anonymous said…
*Puts down kids craft scissors*

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