With the Enos

I'm spending the evening preparing for a show tomorrow, bouncing between fretless and fretted basses and trying to make everything sound solid. Today though (and thanks to my fab mother in law) I attended a fundraiser hosted by Brian Eno. It was a well planned and good natured event, even if the high winds threatened to blow over the actors performing a one act play. I don't think I've ever seen a group of thespians deserve applause as much as these people.

There was music for dining from a Senagalese trio and a local band playing in the nearby barn; a barn so perfect for playing and rehearsing that it has featured several times in my lottery winning fantasy. Not that I've bought a ticket in three years mind.

In front of me, in the queue for coffee, was Robert Fripp (I'm not in a position to name drop too often so let me indulge here). Knowing he's a man who doesn't like to be bothered I mumbled a quick "... enjoyed your soundscape in Sutton" and then mentally kicked myself for bothering him at all. That said, I heard someone ask him if he was still playing.

Does anyone know about Kuno Wagner(s)? I'm trying to find some of his music and not getting anywhere.


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