Weeding out the freaks

A night in on my own, so obviously I went straight to the bass and started playing. I have recently re-tuned my four string bass in fifths (like a cello) and it produced intresting results. Regular material has proved hard, but not impossible to play (there's a reason why basses are usually tuned in fourths after all). But, new ideas have come pouring out and I had the presence of mind to drag my recording gear into the spare room and play for a while. Once the Myspace server recovers from its current wobbly I will get an mp3 up.

Post mix I tried to watch 'Weeding out the Freaks' (my title for the X-Factor) but it's just too horrible. "Derek has always dreamed of being a star..." they say as we watch someone singing an impersonation of a hundred bland chart acts. What's the prize? About a month of low level fame. Does anyone mention craft, graft or discipline? No, of course they don't.

Wow, I sound grumpy tonight. So, to redress the balance let me direct you to this excellent news story, which has a winning combination of chess and 'relaxation rooms.' Enjoy.


fjl said…
You went straight to your music, very disciplined, I go straight to the DVD!
nmj said…
Hey Will, I am envious of musical people. Me, I will watch 'Spooks' tonight - I won't understand any of it, but the guy is cute. Well, the last time I watched it he was, maybe it's someone new. . .

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