It's been a strange week at the day job. My timetable has been changing almost every day and I'm still not completely sure what I'm teaching and when. This morning I was due a late start and, therefore, an extra hour in bed. As it was J's car broke down on her way to work (she starts really early) and I answered her call for someone to rescue her. She was in the rain, on a dangerous stretch of road and the car was refusing to start. Luckily I remembered a handy snippet of mechanical engineering which a friendly AA man had shown me a few days ago. I got J's 'Krooklock', inverted it over the altenator and brought it down with a solid 'whump!'
Bingo! The car started and we took it to a garage that said it was closed (it was still seven something in the morning) but opened up to take a look at the car. Later in the day they called back to say there was nothing wrong. So, now we're stumped. Is the car really okay, meaning my whacking the engine actually worked (brilliant but unlikely) or is the car playing a subtle waiting game; holding out for another rainy early morning?

In other news Apple have solved the problem of the little gaps between tracks on iPods (well, it was bugging me) but have updated iTunes so it doesn't show podcasts in the main display. Very annoying because now I have to go on a hunt to see if any new goodies have arrived.

Once again though, if that's the worst of my problems I don't have much to worry about. It's a good job I don't believe in fate.


fjl said…
But destiny is another matter.

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