All the strangers came today

It's been a good weekend. I'll tell you all about Saturday another time but on Sunday J and I went to London and booked into Hazlitt's Hotel. It's a lovely place, just up Frith Street from Ronnie Scott's club. We settled in then enjoyed a walk through Soho and Chinatown before feasting and heading back to the hotel. I had a course to attend in Islington the next day, while J enjoyed her birthday mooching around the shops of central London.

We stopped for sushi again on the way home (I had tuna nigri, my favourite) and returned to a very unhappy cat.

Today, back to the day job and then home again. I was washing up listening to the iPod which gave me the following:

Brothers gonna work it out - Public Enemy
You're getting a little too smart - The Detroit Emeralds
Saint Agnes and the Burning Train - Sting
Oh! You pretty things - David Bowie
Ale House - Martyn Bennett
Vrooom - King Crimson

Quite a mix. Through all this, with the music pumping through my headphones, I could hear the doors slamming in the neighbour's house.

Some real news soon. In the meantime Happy Birthday Alison!


fjl said…
Good title

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