Size isn't everything

I just logged on and spotted that the blog has reached its 10,000th visitor. Now I appreciate this isn't much by some standards... but by my standards this is pretty amazing. I'm going to celebrate with a wee dram and can now tell you the big news I've been threatening to mention is... coming on Sunday.


Anonymous said…
Many congratulations on your 10,000 view Will, that seems like quite an achievement!

Getting very annoyed about this waiting for the massive news.

You best be telling me sunday, that i'm going to win the lottery and that you have built a time machine, with the antidote to death, old age and reality television.

Anything less will be a great disappointment!

I haven't emailed you yet as the blogger service is going under some sort of repair, I will do though!
Will said…
I did invent the time machine and you have won the lottery, but not yet. The antidote to death and old age is denial (although I'll grant you for death that has to be grade A industrial strength denial). Reality television will hopefully burn out sometime in the next 150 years.

The massive news is quite parochial really. Maybe I shouldn't have built up so much.
Anonymous said…
Where can I get my hands on some of this grade A industrial strength denial? I could do with a decent swig of it.

I have to wait 150 years to see reality television end?

'Give me liberty or give me death...'
Art Durkee said…
I invented the time machine, then went back in time and taught you how to make one.

Will said…
That was you? I thought it was me. You've gotta love paradoxes.

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