Tricks and Treats

Today is Halloween and as neither a Pagan nor a Christian I see it as a chance for young people to dress up and have a bit of fun. Or threaten old people and risk getting poisoned by perverts. I'm not sure anymore.

Having a night in I got a supply of sugary treats in, put them in a bowl by the front door and waited. Only one group of young people came to the door. No costumes, a bit of attitude but priceless looks on their faces when I revealed the sweets. If I had been stronger I would have told them to bugger off and come back when they had made more effort.

Richard has sent me a copy of one of his songs so I can write lyrics for it. It's a great tune and I'm excited about contributing to it in this way. And no, Anonymous, that wasn't the big news either. Sorry. I guarantee big news on November 14th.


Anonymous said…
That's Mr Anonymous to you.

2 more weeks, I don't really think I can take this sort of a wait Will.

I may just completely lose control and start sending random comments to people on their blogger pages...

...and the irony is sharper than the little kid's sword produced at the door earlier, in search of sweets.

Great blog today Will.
Will said…
Thank you Mr Anonymous. If you can write to me through my email I'll tell you the news. I just can't broadcast it yet.

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