Mixing 1

Just back from mixing. Richard and I took a while to get started but were soon pulling in the tracks for 'The Panty Cats.' Hearing your song pulled apart, with each track (bass, drums, stick, etc.) on its own is quite a humbling experience. I had expected a fairly simple loading up of tracks and mixing but oh no, nothing could be that easy. Firstly, Richard revealed the possibilities available with EQing and intelligent sound balancing (when you know what you are doing). Secondly, Richard's computer in his studio began making disturbing glitch noises every other time we pressed play. This, as you might imagine, made for quite a frustrating mixing session. It's the computer equivalent of having to wait seven hours for the drums to be set up in a recording studio.
So, a day in the studio and we have mixed one song and begun the set up of the second tune. Quite a lot more to do.

This wasn't the big news by the way.


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