Last Saturday J and I attended the lights-on ceremony for the village Christmas tree. The ceremony consisted of a small crowd of us standing in the dark for ten minutes, followed by a rousing countdown from ten to one and then… nothing. A few more countdowns had to be tried out before the lights came on and we all cheered. Later, a simple walk around the village became an adventure as it was pitch black and huge, deep puddles covered many parts of the road. At one stage we both had to climb across a thin strip of raised ground – thorny hedge on one side, deep water on the other. Great fun.

Sunday brought Richard Guitarist and I to Wokingham for a rehearsal. We had understood the times to be 10:00 – 2:00 but it was actually 2:00 – 10:00. Hours of drinking coffee and chatting was therefore followed by us not being able to stick around for the full rehearsal. This is all for the Ash Bash drum clinic show later in the year. Highlight of the rehearsal was watching guitarist Andy C turning purple while singing the extended notes in ‘I predict a riot.’

J has now managed a whole 24 hours without throwing up. That’s as much baby news as I can bring you at the moment. Expect quite a lot more soon.


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